A better life requires energy storage

It creates exclusive romantic moments for you, and accompanies you through thousands of rivers and mountains, Participate in every gathering you have with your friends, Accompany you to check in every beautiful scenic spot, Soothe your every emergency moment of a power outage. Give you hope and create beauty.
It is safe enough to let you travel with peace of mind. It's convenient enough for you to enjoy as you like.
CTECHi, based on product safety, From material selection to structural technology and testing services, we must ensure product safety. Let you enjoy a beautiful life with electricity! CTECHi,
The first energy storage product necessary for the family, Let energy storage really enter thousands of households!

CTECHi Power Station A better life requires energy storage

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The professional player in energy storage power supply,
All obsession with safety,Just to make you more at ease!

We're CTECHi Power for You

18 years of deep cultivation in the industry.Take the lead in adopting the car-grade lithium iron phosphate battery in the whole series.

Enjoy Your Power Life!

The energy storage power supply is loved by users all over the world.



This portable power station is quite nicely made. It has a metal shell and uses high quality materials overall. It's sturdy and robust with a nice finish quality. It is small and light and the built-in handle is appreciated.

Anthony Pantliano

I bought the item about a year ago and it worked ok but then I started having issues. Jennifer helped me resolve the issue. I definitely feel confident buying more from them and they have a strong warranty program! Excellent all around.


Unboxing was a surprise! This unit is so compact and the build quality is excellent. Perfect size for camping. I received it with 3/5ths of a charge.


Second one we ordered so we can confidently run two CPAP’s all night. Light was pleasantly unexpected feature. Really easy to use in our travel van.

Like the portability and handle makes easy to carry.


i work away from home and need to charge my devices. i suggest that you charge it before you leave the house and you can plug it into your car on the way. its a life saver for sure i would recommend to a friend it's easy to use not real heavy. very convenient to have and charges really quick.

Ashley Da Vault