CTECHi ST2000 Portable Power Station 1800W 1536Wh
CTECHi ST2000 Portable Power Station 1800W 1536Wh
CTECHi ST2000 Portable Power Station 1800W 1536Wh
CTECHi ST2000 Portable Power Station 1800W 1536Wh
CTECHi ST2000 Portable Power Station 1800W 1536Wh
CTECHi ST2000 Portable Power Station 1800W 1536Wh
CTECHi ST2000 Portable Power Station 1800W 1536Wh
CTECHi ST2000 Portable Power Station 1800W 1536Wh
CTECHi ST2000 Portable Power Station 1800W 1536Wh
CTECHi ST2000 Portable Power Station 1800W 1536Wh

CTECHi ST2000 Portable Power Station 1800W 1536Wh

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【Super Fast Charging】ST2000 can be charged to 80% in less than an hour. This ensures that your emergency power supply is available at all times.
【 Seamless Power Supply】With the advanced technology, the CTECHi ST2000 generator can be used as a UPS. It provides smooth power delivery within ≤15ms.
【Reliable Power Generator 1800W】CTECHi ST2000 is a portable generator with 2000W output that delivers stable and pure sine wave power. 
【For All Green Lovers】The ST2000 power station provides 100% clean and unlimited solar power with an MPPT controller for camping trips or family emergency power storage. Using a 400W solar panel, the ST2000 can be fully charged in just 4.5 hours.

Backup Battery: Which Emergency Power Source Should You Choose?

CTECHi ST2000 power Station
CTECHi ST2000 power Station

Charge 0-100% in 1.5 Hour

Fastest Charging Speeds Ever.

Fully charging in only 1.5 hour, so you'll always be ready for a last-minute trip.

One device to rule them all

ST2000 can power up to 16 devices at the same time.
That’s enough juice for brewing a cup of coffee, listening to your favourite radio station, or journeying into Middle-earth again.

Power Your Essential Devices

With 4*2000W AC outlets, ST2000 lets you power essential devices when you’re at home and heavy-duty power tools when you’re working outdoors.

Automotive-grade LiFePO4 Battery

With LFP cells, CTECHi Battery is safe, durable, and highly efficient, even in warm temperatures. Upgraded long-lasting LFP battery chemistry at its core, charge and empty CTECHi Battery over 3500+ times.


Our state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS) constantly monitors the voltage, current, and temperature of ST2000 with multiple aspects of protection, extending its life to the max.

3 Ways to Charge

Charge anywhere.

With 3 different ways to top up the CTECHi ST2000 there’s a recharge option no matter what.

CTECHi ST2000 power Station AC Charging CTECHi ST2000 power Station Solar Charging CTECHi ST2000 power Station AC+Solar Charging
AC ChargingSolar Charging AC+Solar Charging

Never Lose Power Again

Harness the power of the sun by connecting ST2000 to 2*200W solar panels to fully charge in just 4.5 hours.

One device to rule them all

The ST2000 can be used when the home power goes out or when the backup power is switched. Satisfy the use of household electrical appliances in ordinary families.

Never Lose Power Again

ST2000 can be charging for electric cars, and the battery life is increased by 10km.

Power. Anywhere. Anytime.

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Net Weight




AC Input

≈1.5 Hours

200W Solar Input

≈9 Hours

400W Solar Input

≈4.5 Hours

USB-C Output


AC Output

US:4*110V /18A 2000W||EU:220V /9A 2000W

DC Output

12V,10A*2 Max120W

USB-A Output

Type-C(1): 5V/3A,9V/3A(30W)

Management System

MPPT Controller, BMS

Cell Chemistry


Cycle Life

3500+Life Cycles,10-year service life

Inverter Type

Pure Sine Wave

Charge Temperature

32-104°F (0-40°C)

Operating Temperature

14-104℉ (-10-40℃)

Storage Temperature

14-104℉ (-10-40℃)



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

So basically i wrote a letter to the support two weeks ago. Then followed it by another mail in case they missed it. 0 reaction. AC charging is very nice, station is relatively quiet and is certainly usable as a backup during blackouts. The issue is in the DC charging side. It was charging at 240W max, and then DC port just died and stopped working at all. So if you plan to use the station for anything that involves DC charging (like solar or external DC power) I would certainly discourage you from buying it. As for my support request and current issue of DC port being dead, I would like to hear any reaction from the company whatsoever.

Станція перевершує очікування

Якісний дисплей, якісний корпус та пакування. Головним здивуванням було, що всі заявленні виробником параметри відповідають дійсності. Станція стабільно тримає 2,2 КВт, при цьому шум від вентиляторів досить терпимий. Швидка зарядка дійсно займає 1,5 години від 0 до 100%. Екран містить всю необхідну інформацію. Вбудований ліхтарик дуже яскравий, має режим SOS. Інструкція українською, що теж приємно. Ctechi приємно здивував якістю, яка нічим не поступається відомим брендам. Потужна, тиха, технологічна. Сподіваюсь прослужить довго.

Kostiantyn Diachenko
Delivered faster than promised, arrived with 75% charge.

Top packaged device makes a very well processed impression, first with 230V cable fully charged from 75% in delivery condition to 100% within 20 minutes. Maybe a little faster the charge indicator showed remaining time to fully charge 0.3 hours, so I thought I'd check after 20 minutes .after when I checked the device was at 100%. At the first 230 volt socket is a 30" TV, my laptop and a camping fridge for cold drinks in the living room ;). According to the display, everything draws 130W remaining running time was shown as 10.1 hours. Now I'm at 96%, the wattage has increased 91W reduced The cooler has switched off because the temperature has been reached. A remaining running time of 10.0 hours is displayed, the fans are pleasantly audible but not disturbing. Tomorrow the 160W solar panel will be connected, let's see how it works together. Pure enthusiasm so far. : ). Addendum from 03/11 Unfortunately there was no possibility to test the charging function with solar panel since 03/03 only rain. The function as a UPS works perfectly with everything, also iMac 27", however the ST2000 has a self-consumption of about 33 watts , that is probably a value that other stations with UPS also have, here the ANKER 757 is probably a bit more economical but also has a slightly lower battery capacity and only 1500W AC output and is currently approx. 200,-€ expensive he. Connected with a hair dryer, the ST2000 creates 2050W of continuous power for about 10 minutes. The fans are then louder, however.

Eugene Kipnis
Electricity - always and everywhere! 🔌

"The media could not be loaded.

I bought the CTECHI power station to have a backup for possible power failures and also for camping in summer. The power station is well packed in a large box. There is also a protective cover and some cables which are in a practical storage bag. The quality of workmanship is really top notch, corresponding to the price. Even though it's plastic, it feels high-quality and robust and there's rubber in heavily used areas. The handles are also rubberized, so you can transport the power station comfortably despite its relatively high weight. There is a battery capacity of 1.5 kWh. This value is also correct, I measured a full charge cycle with my power meter. With this amount of energy you can charge your mobile phone several times, supply a refrigerator with electricity for about 2 days or run a fan heater at full power for 30 minutes. The display on the front always provides information about the charge status, the activated outputs and current input/output. There is also a display of how long the power station will continue to function in minutes/hours with the current current flow. Very practical! On the output side there are: 2x 230V Schukos with a clean sine wave (very important for PC and modern devices!) with up to 2000W, 4x USB A with Quick Charge 3.02x USB A with 12 watts each 2x USB C Power Delivery (60 watts) 4x 12V DC round plug 1x 12V DC car socket DC, USB and AC can be activated/deactivated separately On the input side there is: 1x XT60 DC 12-65V 20A Mppt for PV panels 1x 230V AC IEC connector, which is used for charging via the socket. 0-80 percent are specified in less than an hour, this value is also correct. In addition, there is a nice and bright light on the back. The fan is normally off, but depending on the power consumption, it also turns on, but always remains pleasantly quiet. Whether camping, gardening or blackout, this device is really versatile and a small toy for anyone interested in technology ;) In summary, this is one really very good power station with all the functions you need at an attractive price."